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Book: Mediocrity’s threat to freedom

Book: Mediocrity’s threat to freedom

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Explore Prince Michael of Liechtenstein’s insightful analysis on geopolitics, governance and liberty in “Mediocrity’s Threat to Freedom”. This collection of his most incisive thoughts and essays offers pragmatic perspectives for navigating today’s complex global landscape.


Dive into the profound insights of Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, as he navigates the intricate webs of geopolitics, governance and personal freedom in “Mediocrity’s Threat to Freedom.” Compiled from his incisive commentary spanning from 2019 to 2022 for Geopolitical Intelligence Services (GIS), this book offers a compendium of pragmatic reflections, honed through collaboration with GIS’s global network of experts.

Prince Michael challenges prevailing paradigms, urging readers to eschew simplistic dichotomies between democracies and autocracies. With a forward-looking realism, he explores the evolving landscape shaped by assertive global players like China, Russia and Iran. Drawing attention to the erosion of personal responsibility amid burgeoning bureaucracy and centralized governance, he advocates for decentralized systems to safeguard individual liberties.

Despite the complexities of a multipolar world and governance crises, Prince Michael remains optimistic, identifying opportunities within necessary disruptions. Emphasizing the transformative power of free markets and human creativity, he inspires readers to embrace change with confidence. “Mediocrity’s Threat to Freedom” serves as a beacon, guiding decision-makers through the turbulent seas of contemporary geopolitics, offering a roadmap toward a more resilient and freedom-affirming future.

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