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Dossier: Energy

Dossier: Energy

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CHF 219.95

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GIS experts describe how the European Union has labored to regain its energy security footing and explain what consumers and industrial energy users should expect in 2023 and beyond.


This three-part Dossier focuses on how the European Union is learning some critical lessons on energy security. Its decades-long overdependence on hydrocarbons from Russia has nearly ended, but the continent’s nuclear energy industry remains reliant on uranium fuel from Russian supplies.

GIS experts have covered Russia’s long game to corner Europe’s natural gas supply, detailing how it effectively countered the EU attempts to develop alternative gas sources and explaining how the perfect energy storm battering Europe after Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine has abated – temporarily at least – due to the workings of global markets.

The Dossier also deals with the legacy of the deep disruption in global oil markets after governments worldwide opted to freeze their economies to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The third part also charts the way forward from today’s fix toward more sustainable, safer new energy technologies of a not-so-distant future.

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