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Dossier Energy: New life for old ideas

Dossier Energy: New life for old ideas

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CHF 79.95

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How nuclear power owes its resurgence to renewables, and how hydrogen technology could resolve energy storage problems for energy-intensive industries, long-haul transport, and aviation. GIS experts see an exciting new global market emerging.


Nuclear power may be making a big comeback over a decade after the 2011 Fukushima disaster. Governments are pushing ahead with new nuclear energy projects out of sheer necessity. At the same time, new reactor designs offer hope that the risks associated with the sector can find technical fixes.

The biggest advantage of nuclear energy is that it offers supply stability. Its power facilities are “baseload” plants, operating at full capacity for months. Renewable energy cannot generate electricity as steadily and at the same scale as nuclear power. As the role of renewable energy grows in power grids, the nuclear plants’ carbon-emissions-free baseload role makes them indispensable in the power jigsaw puzzle in many countries.

The Dossier also offers a detailed analysis of hydrogen’s potential for providing solutions to clean-energy challenges in industry and heavy transport.

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