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Dossier: Inflation

Dossier: Inflation

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CHF 399.95

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GIS experts explain why prices have started to rise, why reversing this process will prove harder than central bankers want us to know and what to expect in 2023.


Inflation does not come out of thin air. The latest drama of rapidly rising prices  hit Europe and the United States, but it was neither surprising nor accidental – even though politicians and central bankers claimed it was. And it will not be easy to bring it under control. The U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank have begun to face reality and adjust their monetary policies, but their constraints are formidable.

The Dossier “Inflation, causes and solutions” is based on several years’ worth of reports by GIS economic and financial experts, and also comments by our founder, Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. It describes the interlinked monetary, economic and political mechanisms that have led to the current drama. It discusses the systemic flaws that have made the catastrophe possible, explaining how the shortchanging of democratic governance, ignoring the basics of the market economy and increasingly brazen violations of central banking rules worked together to produce this sorry outcome.

The Dossier has been structured to help decision makers navigate the difficult time ahead. It contains the experts’ predictions of what the central banks are likely to do and how the situation will evolve in 2023.

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